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אפליקציה חדשנית לניהול נכסים

אנו מספקים פתרונות טכנולוגיים במטרה להעצים את האפקטיביות והיעילות בניהול ואחזקה של נכסים ותהליכי שירות

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המוצרים שלנו

The Michlol team works closely with customers to enhance organizational operations, buildings, and daily maintenance levels.

Michlol's management solutions are customized to suit customer activities and ultimately improve the way they work. Contribution to the community, diversity, and innovation are at the heart of Michol's solutions.

Michlol represents global management and maintenance companies in Israel. As part of our business partnerships, we create added value and reduce costs for our clients.

המוצרים שלנו

Identifying and studying facility needs of leading corporations

Leading facility service  solutions of the highest  standard

Long term relationships with  strategic customers

המוצרים שלנו

Advanced professional solutions

  • Ad-Hoc Project Management

  • Administration Services

  • Cleaning Services

  • Cost Saving Projects

  • EMS

  • Global Professional Advisory

  • Green Offices

  • Health & Safety

  • Integrated Facilities Management

  • Maintenance of Labs & Clean Rooms

  • Maintenance Services

  • Operation & Maintenance of Energy Centers

  • R&D Establishment Support

  • Site Management

  • Training Center

  • Innovative FM Software

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המוצרים שלנו

Integrated facility services

  • EH&S
    • Covid-19 Operation Support

    • Energy Supervisor

    • Environment & Green Office

    • Health & Safety Committee

    • Health & Safety Officer

    • UH – User Health App

    • Admin Support

    • Concierge Services

    • Environment & Green Office

    • Housekeeping

    • Reception Desk Management

    • Training Programs

    • Emergency Team 24/7

    • EMS – Technical Support

    • LL Cooperation

    • Preventive Maintenance

    • Project Management

    • Sites Management

    • Supplier Management

    • Work with Authorities

    • AC Systems

    • Comm. Rooms

    • Electrical Systems

    • EMS

    • Energy Centers

    • Fire Alarm Systems

    • UPS

    • Water Pump/Diesel

Based on ServicesApp – CAFM

Predictive Maintenance/Prevention Activities, Proactive Models, Risk Maintenance Management

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המוצרים שלנו

We view our customers & suppliers as partners. The key to our success is transparently collaborating with all of our partners.

We provide services to global companies, R&D centers, pharma companies, real estate companies, and leading startups.


Michlol has been part of the Electra Group since 2018

Established in 1945, and publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1971, Electra operates with a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the unique synergy existing between its subsidiaries. The company has recruited more than 10,300 skilled professionals, including top engineers and technical experts, to ensure flawless results every step of the way. 


Michlol Ltd. is part of the Electra FM Group, the leading organization in Israel for facilities management & maintenance services.The collaboration between the companies creates high-level integration which makes this group extremely skilled in the Israeli IFM industry.

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